Yoga is the oldest system for the development of the integral human being. Yoga is about mastering the body and mind. There are several ways of yoga, all are included in my work, so it is a holistic yoga. Yoga means yoke, connection and harmony and unison and it is at least 5000 years old. Any person who practices even a little yoga can soon experience the miraculous effects of yoga:

  • disappearance of back pain and headaches
  • a previously unknown feeling of complete relaxation
  • reduction of shoulder and neck tension
  • more energy
  • new vitality
  • mental clarity
  • strengthening of the immune system
  • new self-confidence
  • improvement of concentration and
  • release of blockades

Those who are interested in more than the harmonization of body and mind can venture into a more intensive practice of advanced yoga practices. Yoga masters say that many hidden possibilities and abilities lie dormant in each person. Intensive practice can activate and increase abilities such as intuition and creativity, bring out creative abilities, increase spiritual powers, charisma and personal appearance. The most sublime and highest goal of yoga is the realization and union with our true selves, which the yogis call one with the divine, the cosmic consciousness. Yoga leads to true love, to the feeling of oneness with everything, to the experience of pure being, absolute knowledge and unlimited bliss. Since 2016, the path of yoga is considered an immatric World Heritage.


For me, holistic yoga involves combining the following elements in a yoga session: With the help of an relaxation at the beginning of each unit, you leave your daily routine behind and get in the mood for the upcoming practice. Once in the room, a mantra is chanted and a greeting is given. Then the sun salutation is practiced, this is essential as a preparation for the asanas that follow. Hundreds of muscles are used in the sun salutation and it stimulates the cardiovascular system. Then there is a warm-up phase of the joints, tendons and muscles. Now the phase of the actual focus begins. After practicing the asanas, breathing exercises are performed. Breathing exercises prepare the body, mind and soul for the meditation that follows. At the end there is a deep relaxation with using progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training, autosuggestion/body scan, visualizations, affirmations and silence. The class ends with a mantra.

Mantra Yoga Class: The Mantra Yoga classes are based on the Rishikesh series. Thus, inverted postures, backbends, forward bends as well as the rotation of the spine are practiced in each session. The asanas alternate between exertion and relaxation. The combination of asanas and the powerful energies of mantras can touch deeper layers within us, cleanse nadis (subtle energy channels) and release blockages in chakras.

Moon Yoga Class: The moon in this session takes the central role. The focus is on passivity, letting go and surrendering. The asanas are practiced a little longer in order to sink completely into a posture without any tension. Instead of surya namaskar, chandra namaskar is practiced.

Sun Yoga Class: The unit is focused on the principle of the sun. The energy, power, strength, and activity. This means it will be strenuous. If we go through strenuous phases consciously and intentionally, it makes us more resilient, vital and focused. We see more clearly and can better focus on essential things in life.

Chakra Yoga Class: In Chakra Yoga classes, the seven chakras are specifically developed, strengthened, stimulated and harmonized. The energy flow in the subtle body is stimulated, all chakras are supplied with energy and blockages are removed. If the energy in the astral body and in the chakras can flow freely, this has positive effects on body, mind and soul.

Value of all sessions is 12 – 16€ and last between 1,5 and 2 hours