About Me

Hello, namasté and nice that you visit my site!

I am Lisa Siddhi Maria Metzler and I am glad you are here!

Who am I and what is my Dharma here on earth:

  • Peacemaker and Potential Extractor – I bring light and peace. I support you in your processes to unfold your potential.
  • Holistic Yoga Teacher (500 BYV) – As a holistic yoga teacher I create a connection between body, mind and soul. The mind becomes calm and the essential becomes clear.
  • Tarot and Oracle Guru – I have known that coincidence has meaning since I started working with cards and pendulums. I connect above with below. The outside with the inside.
  • Space Holder – I hold the space for you, where you are allowed to be everything and feel everything.
  • Medicine Woman – As a medicine woman I am fascinated by the healing power of plants. For every illness there is a healing plant. I make my own ointments, tinctures and oils.
  • Companion of young people growing up (educator, early childhood educator B.A. and social worker M.A.) – I accompany young people growing up into a self-determined and free life.
  • Heart Opener – with music we get directly into the heart. When you are in your heart, you are connected. You are complete. You are one with everything.

The aim of my work is to bring light into your life. You will be touched by my music, my words and my presence and thus become soft, receptive and patiently surrender to the flow of life. At the same time, through my work you come into your creative power, you gain clarity and thus succeed in keeping your focus and direction in your life.

My holistic healing work inclueds and combines yoga, music, dance, plants and nature, chakras and tarot. These elements come together as a whole through my work as a medium.

Looking forward to seeing you!