Tarot and oracle

Tarot is a beautiful tool to lift the veil of unknowing. The tarot is a set of special cards that can be used to reveal inward things, such as feelings, fears or even wishes. So it is not surprising that these tarot cards are also often called fortune-telling cards. Because a card reading with the tarot cards brings us again and again in contact with our subconscious. Even unconscious qualities that we have or even patterns of action and behavior, which we are sometimes not so conscious, can be analyzed with the tarot cards and get to know better.

Let the Tarot inspire you when you feel blocked and need new perspectives on a issue, when you want to make an important decision, when you are looking for wise advice or a smart solution, when you want to plan and create your future, when you want to know how your life areas look like (job, love, …). Sometimes an impulse from the outside is enough to see more clearly in yourself again. Value 28€ to 84€

I also offer couples counseling based on tarot card readings to get new perspectives on the partnership and to get to know yourself better as well as to understand the other person better. Value 128€