Made from daisy, resin, olive oil, coconut oil and carnauba wax.

As a first aid salve, this wound healing salve has proven its worth. Small aches and pains are quickly healed. The salve takes the pain, provides faster healing due to its astringent effect. The ointment also relieves itching from insect bites due to its tannins.

The salve has a skin regenerating effect, promotes wound healing and cares for cracked as well as dry skin. Apply daily as needed to the injured skin and massage.
Due to flavonoids, the salve has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and improves joint pain and soreness.
Gently massage onto sore muscles, bruises and joints 2-4 times a day.

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Made out of Nettle and Alcohol min. 40%.

Externally, the tincture can be used against hair loss, oily scalp and dandruff. The blood circulation-promoting ingredients strengthen the hair root and the anti-inflammatory and cleansing effect brings the scalp into a natural balance. To do this, dilute the tincture with water in a 1:1 ratio and massage it into the scalp regularly after shampooing. To enhance the effect, you can moisten the hair completely with the liquid and leave it overnight wrapped in a towel.

For blemished skin, dabbing the affected areas with the tincture and a cosmetic pad can provide relief. Use it for this purpose once or twice a day. If used frequently, the alcohol can dry out the skin. In this case, it is recommended to dilute the tincture with water in the ratio 1:2.

Internally, the tincture can provide relief from such ailments as springtime fatigue, loss of appetite, circulatory problems, prostate problems, dandruff and hair loss. Take 20 drops three times a day pure or diluted with water.

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