„Holistic means wholeness; it means being able to identify what people and things bring us light and life and surround us with them, but also identifying the „enemy,“ that which robs us of light and life.“

from the book the secret of the chakras by Rosalyn L. Bruyere


Yoga is the oldest system for the development of the integral human being. Yoga is about mastering the body and mind. There are several ways of yoga, all are included in my work, so it is a holistic yoga. Yoga means yoke, connection and harmony and unison and it is at least 5000 years old. Any person who practices even a little yoga can soon experience the miraculous effects of yoga:

  • disappearance of back pain and headaches
  • a previously unknown feeling of complete relaxation
  • reduction of shoulder and neck tension
  • more energy
  • new vitality
  • mental clarity
  • strengthening of the immune system
  • new self-confidence
  • improvement of concentration and
  • release of blockades

Those who are interested in more than the harmonization of body and mind can venture into a more intensive practice of advanced yoga practices. Yoga masters say that many hidden possibilities and abilities lie dormant in each person. Intensive practice can activate and increase abilities such as intuition and creativity, bring out creative abilities, increase spiritual powers, charisma and personal appearance. The most sublime and highest goal of yoga is the realization and union with our true selves, which the yogis call one with the divine, the cosmic consciousness. Yoga leads to true love, to the feeling of oneness with everything, to the experience of pure being, absolute knowledge and unlimited bliss. Since 2016, the path of yoga is considered an immatric World Heritage.


Music is the most powerful healing tool that heals us holistically on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and leads us back to oneness with the Divine. All of life is made up of vibration. When life flows naturally and is ‚healthy‘, energy pulsates in a rhythmic way. This is because the world is sound and has arisen from a single primordial vibration. In the Vedic religion of ancient India and the philosophy of the School of Pythagoras in classical Greece, all physical forms were considered manifestations of music. The ancient teachings stated that life and health were based on a balanced play of ratios and harmonious relationships of body and mind, society and nature. These same ratios and harmonies manifest in sound and music. If used correctly, sounds can bring about healing by restoring the harmonious balance of body and soul. Therefore, the healing methods of ancient times often included rhythmic singing and so-called chanting of certain selected sacred melodies, mantras and kirtans.


In ancient times and cultures, trance dance was a natural way to consciousness-expanding states of being and even served as a means of healing physical and mental illnesses. In this ritual, the logical mind is allowed to pause for once and we surrender to the higher power of our archaic physical and spiritual intelligence. Through the experience of ecstasy, blockages are released and energy levels are increased. We open ourselves to visions and inspirations of the higher consciousness. The power dances with us, we surrender to the energies that move us.


Tarot is a beautiful tool to lift the veil of unknowing. The tarot is a set of special cards that can be used to reveal inward things, such as feelings, fears or even wishes. So it is not surprising that these tarot cards are also often called fortune-telling cards. Because a card reading with the tarot cards brings us again and again in contact with our subconscious. Even unconscious qualities that we have or even patterns of action and behavior, which we are sometimes not so conscious, can be analyzed with the tarot cards and get to know better.


Chakra teaching comes from the oldest system for the development of the whole person – yoga. Chakras are centers of consciousness in the human body – energetic centers, not material or anatomical ones. They originate in the subtle energy system of the human being, but according to their lgae they also radiate through the physical body. The chakras influence the cells , the organs and the entire hormonal system and affect the feelings and thoughts, so they are also psychoenergetic centers. The term chakra comes from Sanskrit and means wheel or vortex. In traditional writings we read that there are up to 88000 chakras. However, for the practice only the seven main chakras are of importance. Chakra work is energy therapy through which you can improve your energy system. By working with chakras, diseases and problems can be identified as energetic blockages, thus chakra activation and harmonization is a simple and effective way to heal body, mind and soul.

Chakra work is the generic term for all techniques that start in the area of the chakras and their energy circuits. This includes the classic chakra yoga exercises, but also measures that harmonize the chakras through natural medecine, colors, scents, sounds, affirmations, etc. and thus increase our well-being.