Music is the most powerful healing tool that heals us holistically on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and leads us back to oneness with the Divine. All of life is made up of vibration. When life flows naturally and is ‚healthy‘, energy pulsates in a rhythmic way. This is because the world is sound and has arisen from a single primordial vibration. In the Vedic religion of ancient India and the philosophy of the School of Pythagoras in classical Greece, all physical forms were considered manifestations of music. The ancient teachings stated that life and health were based on a balanced play of ratios and harmonious relationships of body and mind, society and nature. These same ratios and harmonies manifest in sound and music. If used correctly, sounds can bring about healing by restoring the harmonious balance of body and soul. Therefore, the healing methods of ancient times often included rhythmic singing and so-called chanting of certain selected sacred melodies, mantras and kirtans.


Mantra Yoga Class: The Mantra Yoga classes are based on the Rishikesh series. Thus, inverted postures, backbends, forward bends as well as the rotation of the spine are practiced in each session. The asanas alternate between exertion and relaxation. The combination of asanas and the powerful energies of mantras can touch deeper layers within us, cleanse nadis (subtle energy channels) and release blockages in chakras.

Mantra Singing circle: You feel like singing and/or playing an instrument in a casual setting, or maybe just listening and feeling? Then come to the Mantra Singing Circle and feel the energy of the healing sounds. On a donation basis

Electronic music: Transitions have always been fascinating for me, whether in real life or in music sets. So since last year i dived into the world of electronic music and I open and hold a space where you can move freely to the music.

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