Chakra Work

Chakra teaching comes from the oldest system for the development of the whole person – yoga. Chakras are centers of consciousness in the human body – energetic centers, not material or anatomical ones. They originate in the subtle energy system of the human being, but according to their lgae they also radiate through the physical body. The chakras influence the cells , the organs and the entire hormonal system and affect the feelings and thoughts, so they are also psychoenergetic centers. The term chakra comes from Sanskrit and means wheel or vortex. In traditional writings we read that there are up to 88000 chakras. However, for the practice only the seven main chakras are of importance. Chakra work is energy therapy through which you can improve your energy system. By working with chakras, diseases and problems can be identified as energetic blockages, thus chakra activation and harmonization is a simple and effective way to heal body, mind and soul.

Chakra work is the generic term for all techniques that start in the area of the chakras and their energy circuits. This includes the classic chakra yoga exercises, but also measures that harmonize the chakras through natural medecine, colors, scents, sounds, affirmations, etc. and thus increase our well-being.

You want to find out which chakras are dominant at the moment, which are weakened and which are blocked? Using different methods and tests we will find out together and I will create an individual handout for you with recommendations for yoga exercises, aromatic oils, healing herbs, affirmations and other components of the chakra work. Value 108€

I also offer couples counseling based on chakra work to get new perspectives on the partnership and to get to know yourself better as well as to understand the other person better. Value 128€