Hello, namasté and nice that you visit my site!

I am Siddhi and I am glad you are here!

My five columns of happiness

Yoga – my colummn of happiness. In 2013, I first came into contact with yoga at a surf camp in France at the Atlantic Ocean. There I participated in a yoga class by Raphaela from the Yoga-Shala Bodensee, Germany ( A few years later, at a time when my life was shaking up, yoga came back into the field and released my self-healing powers and potentials. From the feeling like a quantum leap, because I suddenly saw things from a different, new perspective and thus found inner peace and experienced that I am pure being, knowledge and bliss: Sat – Cid – Ananda.

My practice was intensified by the decision to train as a yoga teacher, so that today I not only practice daily with much love and devotion, but also live and work with holistic, integral yoga. I combine the different yoga paths in my sessions.

During these two years of my yoga teacher training I founded and started teaching yoga. I also learned to play the gitalele and harmonium as well as chant mantras, so I combine yoga with music with a lot of bhakti and devotion.

To my first colummn of happiness I added a second one. The music. Singing and making music makes time disappear, brings me to my true essence and connects me with everything and everyone and makes boundaries disappear. For me, the connection between music and yoga is hard to put into words and should be experienced by everyone themselves. I have been so touched and healed by Mantra Yoga classes that I want to pass this gift on.

In the summer of 2021 I participated in the Yoga Vidya Xperience Conference. There, a blindfolded trance dance took place. This experience was indescribably beautiful that I want to share it with you. So the trance dance may join my integral work as the third colummn of happiness.

My fourth colummn of happiness in my holistic healing work is working with Tarot. Tarot clearly showed me that coincidence has meaning. Tarot makes unconscious things conscious and helps to lift the veil of ignorance.

Lastly, the fifth colummn of happiness showed up – chakra work. It was during my training as a yoga teacher that I first learned about the chakras in depth. Then, when I got my hands on the Kalashatra Govinda Chakra Practice Book, it was clear to me that chakra work would become a part of my holistic healing work.

So these five healing elements come together as a whole through my work as a medium.

Looking forward to seeing you!